31 March 2005

Could it be more difficult?

Searching for something else I stumbled across Kingda Ka, the new roller-coaster at Six Flags' New Jersey park. It will be the tallest and fastest of them all.... by a long way, when it opens.

That's the problem. When does it open? The website gives no clues. There's a video clip about the construction which shows that the main structure has been built. You would think that a press release might give details. There are plenty of downloadable high res images in the "Media Center", so they obviously want publicity, but the latest press release is 29 Sept 04!

OK, no problem, most websites are not up-to-date. Just ask the press office.

What press office? Nowhere on their website is there any contact info for press enquiries. In fact, a full-scale google search for any kind of press/pr activity on behalf of Six Flags yields nothing.

It would be easier to find information on 'area 51' than Six Flags. I've never encountered such a secretive organisation in the leisure industry!

06 March 2005

Airport Charity

Cath Urquhart, Travel Editor at The Times newspaper, has come up with a 'close to brilliant' travel idea in her weekly column in the Saturady edition.

She has a dilemma. She is flying out to Mexico next week for some winter sun relaxation, where she will need little more than a swimsuit and a toothbrush, but for the journey to Gatwick she will need to wear arctic survival gear. She could leave her winter gear in a locker at the airport but that'll cost almost £80 for the fortnight.

"Why not have charity shops at airport terminals?" she asks.

That way she could wear an old anorak to the airport and hand it over when she gets there. Loads of people arriving from warmer climes - including her in a couple of weeks - are completely un-prepared for our sub-zero March conditions. The shops could do a roaring trade for charity, travellers won't get hypothermia, and aircraft cabins won't be filled with un-necessary clothing. Everybody would benefit.

There's only one flaw in her proposal. She finishes by saying...

"And I'm sure airport operators such as BAA would be thrilled to give charity shops a discount so that they could afford to open in such a prime location..."

yeah..... right!