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Idiot Bank!

Spoiler alert: Rant coming up...
This is a regular nightmare every three years when the bank debit card has to be renewed.
My idiot bank must have tens of thousands of customers doing the same each month, so why do they still get it so wrong?
All my Google accounts (Pay, Play movies, Adwords, & cloud storage) have frozen because my idiot bank chose to tell Google Pay I was getting a new card ending -6542.
They didn't tellmethey were sending a card!
They didn't tellmewhat the new card number was!
Most importantly, they told Google I had a new card BEFORE I registered it/used it!
Surprise, surprise.... card -6542 never arrived. (not that I was expecting it)
The week before last I ambled down to the local branch of my idiot bank to find out when my current card, due to expire Apr, would be replaced. They looked it up and told me the bank had sent a new card on 25th March I should have it by now, or in the next few days.
Whydidn't my bank tell me they were sending a new ca…

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