Hell hath no fury like 59m people scorned

So, it turns out there is a chance that 5.3 million Scots (well, technically if the referendum is close, somewhere around 2.7m Scots) may tell the rest of the UK that the marriage is over.

I wonder if they have any idea how that will play out in the short term?

Like any marriage, when one partner suddenly announces they want a divorce, there is real shock and hurt. Multiplied by 59m people, that's a lot of pain.

And then comes the anger.

Do NOT be surprised if there is an furious backlash. It'll probably start in the tabloids with demands for immediate border controls.

The traditional 'dividing of the record collection' will be rocket fuelled.

You want the pound? F*CK OFF!
You want oil & fishery agreements? F*CK OFF!
You want any kind of amicable division of the spoils? F*CK OFF!

If the Scots vote for independence it's going to get bloody.

Image: Bigstock/Stuart Miles


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