Co-incidence or joined-up PR?

Leeds city centre at nightYesterday I had an approach from onvisible, which is the online PR division of Brahm PR in Leeds. They were pushing the launch of a 1000 x £10 hotel room night promo for Visit Leeds, and were helpful sorting out some photos for me.

This morning I get a release from Resonate, which is part of Bell Pottinger, promoting Leeds as a short break destination and their client, National Express' various services to Leeds.

I can't see any obvious links between the two PR companies, but I also can't believe this is mere co-incidence. So, I'm guessing it must be simple joined-up PR. Somebody somewhere (probably at Visit Leeds) saw the synergy in a combined accommodation & transport promo.

If I'm right, 'congrats'! Somebody somewhere is doing their job.

Sometimes PRs deserve a little more respect than they usually get from journos.


the idle poor said…
I got these too. In fact, I worked for BRAHM a number of years ago during my PR life. It's good to give PR companies a pat on the back when things work but in my experience in both PR and journalism, most PRs haven't got a clue how the media works or how to deal with journos and their requests.
Darren Cronian said…
It's good to see PR campaigns involving my home city of Leeds. It's about time!

The lack of media attention was one of the reasons why I recently launched 'My Life in Leeds' a local guide written by local people like me.

I hope to see more of this type of PR in the future.

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