Bugatti 100th anniversary festivities in Alsace

Bugatti Veyron outside Bugatti family homeThere's no compelling reason for this post... other than, it gives me a thinly-veiled excuse to post this photo of a truly beautiful car - the Bugatti Veyron - parked outside the Bugatti family home.

Starting last week, and running through to 20 Sept the town of Molsheim is celebrating 100 years of iconic car manufacturing.

In 1909, the Italian born Ettore Bugatti chose Molsheim in Alsace as the setting for his racing and luxury sports car empire. Since then he designed and built some 7,500 top-performance automobiles in Molsheim, including the current 407km/h Veyron 1.6 that causes even the 'seen-it-and-driven-it-all-before' presenters of BBC's Top Gear to drool more than any other car.


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