The new travel accessory - Radio-Opaque Sleeves

Oh the delicious irony!


Somewhere in the Pentagon there's a General thinking: "The trouble with insurgencies is that you can't tell who the bad guys are. Wouldn't it be great if our clever scientists could come up with a foolproof gadget to identify the terrorist in a street full of civilians and blow him up for us!"

Meanwhile probably...

In a compound on the Afghan-Pakistani border there's an Al-Quaeda operative drawing up a shopping list of cheap bomb-making components and thinking: "Isn't it amazing that America's clever scientists and stupid government have given us a foolproof way to remotely identify Americans anywhere in the world and blow them up!"

All they have to do is hide a small explosive charge with a programmed rfid chip reader in any street, in any town in the world, and let it wait selectively for an American with a partially open passport in his/her bag to walk close by.

Hmmm. I wonder what kind of high-tech passports our clever (UK) government has given us...?

And let's not go into the data security implications...

Think it might be a good moment to open a radio-opaque sleeve shop.


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