16 December 2005

Sad to see the end of Nortours

What a sad thing that Nortours has collapsed (See Travel-Lists headlines).

The general media are all talking about how tragic it is that 500 families now suddenly, at the last minute, won't be going to Lapland to see Santa Claus - which IS tragic - but I feel sorry for everyone including the staff and directors.

Nortours wasn't just a 'Santa Tour' operator, they were specialist operators to all of Scandinavia and the Baltic. From short breaks to Iceland, to farm hols in Denmark, arctic adventures in Norway, shopping and unusual theme parks in Sweden, Santa visits in Finland, city breaks in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, etc... they even had a 'virtual airline' (Fly-Fresh) operating low-cost/charter services to Scandinavia.

All in all, Nortours - or Norvista as we used to know them - have been a popular tour operator for over three decades, and I'm really sorry to see them go.