Sad to see the end of Nortours

What a sad thing that Nortours has collapsed (See Travel-Lists headlines).

The general media are all talking about how tragic it is that 500 families now suddenly, at the last minute, won't be going to Lapland to see Santa Claus - which IS tragic - but I feel sorry for everyone including the staff and directors.

Nortours wasn't just a 'Santa Tour' operator, they were specialist operators to all of Scandinavia and the Baltic. From short breaks to Iceland, to farm hols in Denmark, arctic adventures in Norway, shopping and unusual theme parks in Sweden, Santa visits in Finland, city breaks in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, etc... they even had a 'virtual airline' (Fly-Fresh) operating low-cost/charter services to Scandinavia.

All in all, Nortours - or Norvista as we used to know them - have been a popular tour operator for over three decades, and I'm really sorry to see them go.


Anonymous said…
Are u serious? What about all of the people who were ripped off by this company when they continued to trade as travel operators when they were NO LONGER a registered company and continued to take money from clients in the full knowledge they would not be providing the holidays? The list of people and companies owed monies is endless.
Anonymous said…
Each person can only speak as they find and when we went with them they couldn't have behaved more professionally from the ground staff to the Managing Director. We were due to travel home on the 23rd Dec but the baggage conveyor put a hole in the side of the aircraft. The Company went all out to sort things out from coaches, superb overnight hotel accommodation, santa at the airport to see us off again, gifts on arrival at Gatwick to apologise for all the inconvenience on xmas eve and taxi's laid on to ensure our luggage returned to us on the same day as it had to come back on the aircraft with a hole in the side. From our perspective we couldn't have asked for better and to this end I am sad to see that the Company has not managed to see themselves through the darker times. 10.02.09

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