Customer Services as it should be

People are always quick, because they are frustrated and motivated, to write & post about the times when companies and organisation get it wrong, so I thought I'd try and redress a little balance by highlighting when it goes right.

In this case the mighty Sony UK.

A week ago my 17-year-old son's Sony Viao laptop broke. The screen went blank and refused to display anything - a bit of a crisis for a Generation Z user!

And a bit disappointing since we had only bought it 3 months ago.

So, fearing the worst, and recognising that even the 'best' would probably mean several weeks of tortured teenager, I phoned Sony Customer care on Tuesday.

I spoke to a nice guy (whose name I forget) who checked the serial number and then asked me to test it on start up. When I described the blank screen he said OK, a courier would collect it the next day for investigation & repair.

The following day (Weds) a DHL courier collected the laptop... and on Friday morning they returned it, mended, with a nice apologetic letter from Sony's General Manager of Customer Satisfaction Europe, Kris De Pauw.

Thank you Kris. I have a happy teenager :)

Collected Weds lunchtime. Returned Friday morning. No fuss, no bother. Customer Services doesn't get any better.


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