Life's little irritations

Oh purleeze!!

I'm in 'grouchy old man' mode. Haven't had my coffee yet! (Actually I have. It's Sunday morning and I've already bought my newspaper and read part of it over a coffee in the local Costa bar. It occurs to me that the startlingly rapid growth of the Starbucks, Costa, Nero et al must be down to the widespread use of instant coffee. Next to that, any proper coffee tastes good. But if, like me, you only drink real coffee, what they offer is pretty mediocre and unsatisfying - not a patch on my own prefered brew, Taylor's 'Take it Easy'.)

Anyway. I digress.

My (other) irritation this morning is the usual batch of emails from people trying to get into the Travel-Lists directory.

The link exchange merchants who "have studied your impressive website and think it would make an excellent match for visitors to my site" clearly haven't looked very closely at all. If they had made even the most superficial study of how the site works or what the contact details are, they would have discovered that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is to be listed in Travel-Lists in return for a link!

A few, as today, realise that and try the 'official news source' approach by sending a, usually badly written, "press release".

Look, it's easy! Go to the British Guild of Travel Writers website (, pay £108 for the yearbook and access to the online database, both of which will list all 214 PR companies that specialise in the travel sector. Then hire any one of them for several hundred pounds to write and distribute a press release, which might or might not catch my eye... or pay our £16.50 review fee!

Ah, my perculator is just reaching the end of its 'perc'... relief!


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