Online PR - A simple survey

I'm going to conduct a little research. 

I'm curious to find out how many PRs (later I'm going to try journalists) are actively using the tools of "Web 2.0". 

So I'm using Google Docs to collate a simple survey with three questions...

1) Do you blog?
2) Do you use a social network? (eg facebook, myspace, second life, twitter, etc)
3) Do you use a newsreader? (eg google newsreader, bloglines)

I'm distributing it directly by email to approx 200 PRs in the travel pr sector, and hopefully by other means (yet to be agreed) to a wider cross-section of PRs. (I don't think I can embed it here, or on my Linked-in or Facebook pages for fear of biasing the results!)

I'll post the results I get here on this blog when I've got a reasonable sized sample.


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