Telephone transfer nightmare

I am incandescent with rage.

My business phone line, which I have had for ten years, is floating around in a digital no-man’s-land thanks largely to Telewest. They have now failed THREE TIMES to take over the number from BT, and I am very worried I may lose it all together.

I first arranged for the transfer in mid-June, to co-incide with my house move on 23 June. Something went wrong. I'm not sure where the problem was but Telewest's transfer request was refused by BT. The process had to start again.

This time I got a letter from BT confirming that they would release the number to Telewest on 6 July. Nothing happened. I called Telewest and BT. It turned out the number was ready for release but Telewest failed to collect it. The transfer window closed. Back to square one. To their credit, Telewest were quick to admit their error, apologised, offered me two months free line rental and set the order in motion again for a transfer on Fri 14 July.

On Fri 14 I phoned Telewest just to remind them and check all was in order. It was. The transfer should go ahead, but a day late on Sat 15.

On Mon 17 (today) I called Telewest to be told. There was no sign of the transfer. No it hasn't happened and they'll have to start again!!!!!!!

The next scheduled transfer date - now being overseen by a manager and guaranteed to happen - is 27 July.

... Yeah! And Elvis is his boss.

I'd better postpone printing the stationary and business cards for another month. Thank God for mobile phones and email!


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