Update on Chinese tour guides

Last year I blogged on my doubts about a new tour guide agency in China

Well it's been a few months since that posting but I've just had an email from them (KanXiQi.com) addressing my doubts/comments one-by one, and I'm happily persuaded by it.

...So much so in fact, that I've decided, rather than just attaching David Wu's email as a comment on the original post (which probably wouldn't be seen by many people), I'm posting it as a fresh blog to draw attention to it.

See what you think...

Dear Mr.Alastair McKenzie,

Thanks a lot for your concern and writing on our service. I'm KanXiQi.com's marketing manager, and I came across with your web page via search engine today. It's not surprise to see your negative comment to our website. Below please find some information to address your concerns.

1. Attached please find photo copies of our business license, state tax certificate and local tax certificate. Please note, we are 100% legitimate business entity, and you can find those red-line circled Chinese characters on attached photos are our company name, which is identifical to the company name follwing the "(c)2006" sign at the bottom of every page in our Chinese version as you can check (http://www.kanxiqi.com/ch/)

2. Up to date (10 months after the English version launched), we've got nearly 1000+ registered freelance private tour guide, and we'll recruit more. Detailed info please see our news: "10,000 Olympic Private Tour Guide Recruitment Campaign Will Be Launched" (http://www.kanxiqi.com/news/articleshow.asp?ID=593)

3. We do have much less male candidates as in China, some jobs are gender-featured. Like secretary, nurse, shop clerk, restaurant hostress, bus conductor, subway clerk, flight hostress, teacher and tour guide ...are typically female-dominated professions. However, you do can find quite a lot male candidates in our Chinese version (http://www.kanxiqi.com/ch/) - you may not read Chinese but you can still manage to browse around to identify this. Even in English version, we have a few male candidates too:


For your information, the number of male candidates is increasing.

4. We do honest and legitimate business, never involve in any illgal activities. What we claim, we mean it. Our mission is to explore a new approach to enhance tourists' experience, by private tour guide for customized trip, not in group with shared tour guide that was crafted by Mr.Thomas Cook centuries ago. The business model may still be in fine-tuning, but we never do illgal stuff. There is easy money to earn, but as you can see, our interest is far beyond to make quick money.

5. "Everybody can join in our part-time private tour guide team to help travelers insight through his/her own place, in exchange for a number of benefits including money, friendship, joy and more"...yes, we mean it. There is no "between the lines" - the "and more" does not necessarily imply "sex".

6. Upon exactly two years before the 2008 Olympics opening, we launched an intereesting 2-year long compaign. Detailed info please see "KanXiQi.com Offers Free Private Tour Guide Service Upon 2008 Beijing Olympics": http://www.kanxiqi.com/news/articleshow.asp?ID=607

Hope above info will help. :)

Thanks again for your interest in our service. If you have any further question or need any further information, I'll be more than happy to help.

With best regards,

David Wu
KanXiQi.com 头前带路 - 看稀奇
Insight Into China Through Private Tour Guide

Yes David. I'm convinced! Apologies for doubting you! Thanks for getting touch.


David Wu said…
Thanks Alastair! It's just fine as "private" plus "female" would easily impress people with negative image, but once you look closer, you may find the image does not fit into the real story.

BTW, I've newly became a loyal reader of your blog. :)

David Wu

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