Happy Island

You learn something new every day.

I've just read a press release on the Caribbean island of Dominica - not to be confused with the Dominican Republic - which says:

Dominica continues to be recognised for its attributes and sustainable tourism efforts, including being the first country in the world to receive Benchmarking designation from the prestigious eco-tourism organization Green Globe 21 and ranking as the only Caribbean destination in the top five happiest countries on earth in the Happy Planet Index (compiled by Britain’s New Economics Foundation).
I didn't know there was such a thing as the 'Happy Planet Index' but I like the sound of it. I shall go and investigate, find out who tops the list, and maybe report back!


onliner said…
OK, it's me. I'm back. All the details on the Happy Planet Index are here...

Keith R said…
Green Globe does not "benchmark" entire nations. It will benchmark (an intermediate step toward full eco-certification) and certify hotels, specific tours, attractions, etc., but not whole islands and/or nations, so that has to be a mis-print, mis-statement or misleading statement on their part. In Dominica, the only thing Green Globe benchmarked is Rain Forest Ariel Tram -- see http://www.temasactuales.com/temasblog/?p=35 for details -- and three hotels -- see http://www.temasactuales.com/temasblog/?p=33

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