Plastic travel sites, bleagh!!!

I was just adding an entry to the list of tour operators to Slovenia, and as usual checked over existing ones, when I found a typical plastic site... ugh!

So I deleted it.

Three years ago it was a small travel agency with specialist knowledge of Slovenia. They may still have some specialist knowledge of Slovenia, but their site is now just another mass-market bland clone with 'white-label' travel 'products' supplied by one of the big online travel 'providers'.

There's a place for mass brands & standard products. It's on every high street in Britain - Starbucks, WH Smith, Orange, Vision Express, Tesco, Waterstones, Clinton Cards - and every search engine results page (SERP) - Lastminute, Expedia, OTC, Travelocity, A2B.

...but wouldn't you rather shop at your local independent fishmonger, baker, optician, etc, and buy unique travel directly from an independent specialist travel company?


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