Classic example of PR mediocrity

Ok, here's a classic example of how not to write a press release, breaking guidline No 3 of the Golden Rules for Writing a Press Release...

It's an announcement about a tour operator buying its first hotel.

The quote from the boss is soooo bland, it is unforgivable, and completely useless to me as a journalist....

“The Caribbean is a firm favourite amongst British holidaymakers (no shit! That's revelatory!) and the xxx hotel will offer some of the finest views in St Lucia (we know. You told us that earlier in the release). We are bringing the tremendous experience and service levels (blah blah) provided on our xxx, including our chefs, to the Caribbean and are looking forward to welcoming guests (blah blah) who will enjoy the complete xxx hotel experience in 2008 (more blah blah, and you have already told us when you are opening!).”
The problem is, this isn't unusual. I get press releases with this kind of useless quote, all the time.

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