Embargoed for a month....?

Yesterday (5th March) I received an emailed press release which I thought looked interesting.

Then I saw the dreaded 'embargoed' word... always disapointing because if I had done something with it, I probably would have started, and published, in a matter of hours.

Then I saw the embargo date/time...

"Embargoed until 31 March 2008" That's almost a month away!!

I suppose if you are a magazine, a one month lead time is quite reasonable/useful. Hell, my business travel column is written two months in advance of publication!

So why the fuss? Well, it's just that in 20 years as a journalist I can't remember ever seeing such a long embargo.

Am I wrong? Have I just been lucky, or just not noticed before?

Have any of you journos or PRs received/sent a press release with a month's embargo?

... Anyway, I've asked the PR to remind me at the end of the month.


onliner said…
Well, it's 2nd April. She didn't remind me, and I've forgotten what it was about now anyway.....idiots!
onliner said…
WOOOAH! Spooky!

I posted the above comment at 9.42am. At 10.54am the PR emailed a reminder 'as promised' !

I spoke too soon.....but only just! lol

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