Lateral thinking from First Luggage

Woman surrounded by luggage
I quite admire this move from First Luggage.

They are a fairly well-known web-based start-up in the travel sector. They specialise in forwarding travellers' bags so, for example, passengers (well-heeled passengers) can avoid carrying loads of bags to the airport by having them forwarded to their hotel or villa. The service operates throughout Europe, North America, Hong Kong, the Middle East, Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.

Obviously, like any other business, they've been casting about for other potential markets, and have come up with this one.... Students

The launch blurb reads...

"So you’ve survived your first year at university? But, how are you going to manage the stress of shuffling all your stuff between home and halls? Think smart and choose First Luggage to take the load of your mind, and your hands. If you’re fed up lugging heavy cases between university and home First Luggage’s Smarter Student service will do the work for you - now there’s something you won’t hear too often!"

Good thinking!


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