To do list: Get a job or go skiing? hmmm...tricky!

Interesting press release from posh ski holiday operator, Fish & Pips.

Following the recent Lehman Brothers banking collapse, gourmet ski specialists Fish & Pips, received calls from a number of the bank's former employees enquiring about cancelling their winter holiday.  Rather than lose the entire booking Fish & Pips offered the employees a further 10% discount, which they all accepted.

The operator has now opened this offer to all Lehman Brother employees who were working for the bank at the time of its collapse. 

Comments Holly Fisher, co-founder of Fish & Pips: “It's unlikely those who were working for Lehman Brothers when it went bust will now be able to afford a ski holiday this winter.  So for the month of October we will be offering all former employees of the bank (when it went into liquidation) a 10% discount on the cost of our 2008/9 skiing holidays in Méribel.”

I can't decide whether this is clever/sensitive marketing or cynical/exploitative...?


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