I want that bath!

Valentine day suite at the Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Street HotelEllie Marsh from the Radisson Edwardian's PR company called me this morning to push a Valentine special offer at their Bloomsbury Street hotel. 

Normally I wouldn't touch it. 

Valentine day offers make the most  un-original, dull, copy in travel media. Every hotel has a Valentine Day package every year......"So, you're telling me that later today it'll get dark, and then tomorrow it'll be light again? yawn!"

Still, she did put in the effort to phone (horrible job, cold calling!) so I asked her to email it.

Glad I did, because it's not a bad offer, and there were some pics... including this bath. I love it! 

From time to time, you do come across some good baths. (Among the ones I remember with affection are the Tree House at Tongabezi, Zambia and in one of the turret rooms at Banff Springs)

Do you have any favourite hotel baths?


onliner said…
ooh! ooh! Just remembered another....well, a shower actually.

In the presidential suite at Raffles. It may have changed by now, but when I saw it, it was huge! You could wash a small car in it!
Mel said…
If you have to sell your Granny to afford it, try the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania. I came back up the side of the crater in a hot and dusty jeep after a whole day game-viewing. Part-way up, the ranger pulled in and made a call. By the time I arrived back at my room (actually a house), my bath - in the centre of the room facing a full length picture window with a panoramic view over the crater - had been drawn by my personal butler (!) with rose petals floating in the steam and an icy cold drink standing next to the soap dish. I spent an hour soaking and sipping as I watched a splendidly baroque sunset over the African bush. Total perfection.

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