Rail journeys are getting faster - which ones do you think I mean?

Thalys trainThere was an important travel moment on Sunday, but looking through travel blogs and mainstream news sites, virtually nobody noticed.

Funny though.* They all noticed today's news about South Eastern's 140mph high-speed commuter train... and missed the completion of Belgium's high speed network, which means Brussels and Paris are now directly connected to Cologne and into Germany's high speed rail network.

That means you can go to the Deutche Bahn UK website (yes, there is one) and buy a cheap high-speed rail ticket from St Pancras to Cologne via Paris Nord (change trains), a journey of 4¾ hours...and on to Berlin!

* Not really! Don't get me started on how insular this little country is - obsessed with itself, or what the Americans are up to thousands of miles away across the Atlantic, and totally dis-interested in our neighbours 22 miles away across the Channel!


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