The lure of snow

Snowball fight in Sept organised by Aer Lingus
Hmm, puzzled by this one...

Visitors to SE1 were welcomed by the sight of snow yesterday as Potters Field Park was transformed into a wintery scene. The surprise snowfall was down to Aer Lingus who were celebrating the launch of their new winter flights from Gatwick by engaging 130 people in a mammoth snowball fight.

The 130 descended on the snow to take part in the fight which lasted an impressive thirty minutes.

In total, 1,600 people registered to take part in the stunt after a three week social media campaign. The first 300 who registered were invited to participate with the lure of the snow proving so tempting that many travelled from all over the UK to take part - London, Liverpool, Newcastle and Huddersfield.

I can't quite bring myself to believe that as many as 1,600 people would be excited enough about a few minutes of snowball fighting in a London park... especially to come long-distance for it.

So what was it? The lure of cameras (everyone wants to be a celeb apparently)? Job enhancement (how many were Aer Lingus staff?)? Or was it that social media thing... people just desperately wanting to belong to something, be part of something...?

Prob a combination of all three. Hope they thought it was worth it.


Kevin said…
I found out about this stunt on twitter, Aer Lingus were offering free flights in return for you showing up at their winter wonderland stunt in central London. Seeing as I wasn't doing anything on Wednesday anyway, myself and a friend turned up, got involved with the snowball fight which was great fun and then got our free flights at the end!

I think most people went for the free flights rather than the snow but I have to say the atmosphere was great.
onliner said…
Aaah, that would explain it. They never mentioned that in their press release!

Instead it was sold as a great triumph for off-the-wall social media marketing.

Thanks, Kevin, for clearing that up.

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