Honolulu! Really?

Waikiki Beach, Hawaiiebookers.com have just posted their Top Ten Best Sellers (Flight + Hotel) for 2010.

There's a noticeable - and perhaps suprising, given the recession - swing from short haul destinations to long-haul. Short-haul accounted for 7/10 top destinations in Dec 2008 and only 3/10 now.

That said, most of the Top Ten for 2010 (* also 2009) are fairly predictable...

  • Rome *
  • Venice
  • Istanbul *
  • New York *
Well, I might have expected Paris*, Barcelona, Dublin* or Amsterdam* in there, but these are pretty standard city break cities for us Brits.

  • Las Vegas *
  • Orlando
  • Miami Beach
Always popular & new flights, Mickey Mouse and gateway stopovers for cruising, etc

  • Cape Town

  • Dubai *
Everyone loves a bargain.

But, this is the one I can't fathom out...

  • Honolulu
It's a long way for us Brits and it's never really been a big seller... so what has suddenly put Honolulu on the map?

Anyone know?


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