UK, Italy & South Africa slip in Easter Break popularity

Car, money, keys mash
Interesting anecdotal evidence from the car hire people, Holiday Autos, about advanced booking trends for Easter.

Their top destinations for the Easter period (customers booking online, vehicles to be picked up w/c 21 & 28 March 2010) are...

  1. Spain
  2. France
  3. United States
  4. Portugal
  5. Switzerland
  6. Italy
  7. UK
  8. Canary Islands and Balearics
  9. Australia
  10. South Africa

The changes in popularity of Easter break locations year on year are noticeably that Italy and the UK have dropped out of the top five list, with USA and Portugal moving into their place, possibly the result of people wanting to guarantee warmer weather following our snowy winter.

And South Africa has dropped. This, suggests Holiday Autos, could be because fans may be planning on visiting in June for the World Cup, or waiting until flight prices drop and ‘World Cup fever’ dies down.


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