Personality - it's a double-edged marketing tool

Man holding up hand to say stopOne of the key things that the growth of social media has highlighted, is the importance of personality in marketing.

These days you can stamp a personality on your organisation/operation online and reach huge numbers doing so, but it's still important to get out and see people face-to-face.

In pointing that out, my underlying assumption - and probably yours - is that all encounters are positive. Especially in the travel sector.

But not always.

I was reminded, when I met the boss of a large tour operator recently, how deeply unpleasant and arrogant they are.

This morning I was presented with a couple of choices on equally newsworthy new products and special prices I could write about. One of them was from this person's company.

I didn't write about it because I don't like them.

As Aleksandr Orlov might say: "simples!"


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