Blogtrip Asturias

Netbook on table by railway carriage windowIt's been an interesting few days here in the Asturias region of northern Spain.

It's not my first visit to the region, but the last time was very brief. On this trip I've been travelling with a group of blogger friends through an incredible range of landscapes from sandy beach resorts on the coast to remote pastures high in the mountains, en route I've learned how unique shellfish are harvested, processed and marketed in the quayside auction house at the Cornish-style fishing village of Cudillero, and how the art of cheese-making by hand is being taught by shepherds in a purpose built 'school house' in the mountainous Covadonga National Park.... while travelling from place to place in the El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo - a brand new luxury train launching next month.

All the time I've been thinking "ooh, X would love this!", where X is a journalist, editor, blogger, photographer, or tour operator with a special interest. So, if your niche is activity or culture based, you can expect me to tell you all about what you are missing in the Asturias in coming days/months, and who you should talk to about making your own visit!


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