SPICE - Sunday Papers in Crouch End

Sharing the news in Addis Ababa (Photo:  Terje S. Skjerdal)
I did something last week I haven't done for two or three years - I bought a newspaper.

It was the Sunday Times. These days, with Murdoch's asinine firewall in place, I don't even see The Times or Sunday Times

I really rather enjoyed it. I went to the pub and enjoyed a pint and a read. It reminded me that years ago, I and friends in the South-West where I was living & working, used to meet up on Sunday lunchtime at the local and share a collection of papers.

So I'm wondering if there are any Crouch End tweeps who fancy doing the same thing? 

Just an informal but regular Sunday meetup from 12.30.  If we use #_Spice as a hashtag (too many others using #spice) to organise, we can decide which pub, and who is bringing which newspapers. 

So tomorrow (Sun 14 Aug) I'm planning to go to the Queens with the Sunday Times again at 12.30. Anyone want to bring the Telegraph? Observer? Sunday Mirror? Mail on Sunday? etc


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