Airtime on BBC radio 4

I've just fired off a 'How'd you do that?!' email to Steve Barrass the MD at Airtours.

I was making coffee and heard what amounted to a 10-minute advert for Airtours' new package holidays to China on BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme.

I'm not complaining. I'm admiring!

It's a good item for the programme and interesting enough to deserve coverage. They had an interview with Steve about the holidays and then got the independent expert view from the Telegraph's travel editor Cath Urqhart who talked up the Airtours China programme, talked ethusiastically about China as a destination and then in support of the humble package holiday.

Since the demise of Breakaway (R4 holiday programme on saturday mornings) there have been very few opportunities to talk in any detail about new travel 'products' on national radio. I know PR gurus and travel industry marketing directors who would sell their granny to get 10 mins like that on Radio 4!


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