Losing it

Every week one of my favourite PR gurus mass-emails his newsletter with details of what his clients are up to. The email itself usually has some comical or quirky banter in its introduction but today I'm a little concerned he might be losing it...

I hope Easter proved the earned / expected re-charge for everyone, though time lifting one's nose from the keyboard does allow peripheral spectres to float centre field into the vestigial sharpness of an otherwise atrophied mind's eye. Life is too short indeed. Now that Cold War is a historical reference unfamiliar to some adults, the mental agility test posed by 'the four minute warning' has lost its intrigue. 'What would you do... and with whom?' is no longer topical conversation. However, listening to Iranian and US rhetoric flying through the water glass of PR spin and media interpretation perhaps we won't have to wait too long for the clock timing the Human Race to be heard ticking once again. Then we'll know what it is to be alive...

And, in case you're wondering, my Self Assessment reminder arrived this morning.

Have a good week.

What do you reckon? Should I alert him to the presence of those men in white coats creeping up behind him with a big net?


onliner said…
Actually, I've just realised! The penny has dropped. It was Easter wot dunnit! Too much chocolate. He was clearly on a sugar rush!

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