License to Sell

It's possible - but pretty unlikely - that you may not have seen the vast new marketing campaign called "James Bond".

It's a very clever concept. Some global advertising, sales, and marketing folk all get together and draw up a huge list of products they want to 'place', and then, almost as an incidental component, some film writers, producers, etc are brought in to create a vehicle for the campaign...

At least that's what it looks like.

If I see one more article in the travel pages of any newspaper, one more travel feature on the TV, or another press release email in my intray with the words "James Bond", "Stirred not shaken", "Casino Royale" "Licensed to" or similar I WILL F**KING SCREAM!!!

Let me make it absolutely clear, NO destination or product has or will make its way into Travel-Lists or any article or podcast I make if it has any connection with that marketing campaign.


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