Car stories

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They are stories being used as padding for a puffer press release from a car rental company called

It goes without saying that it is always a good idea to fill your car up with petrol before embarking on any trip. One thief in Seattle got more than he bargained for though when he decided to siphon petrol from a motor home. Police arriving at the scene found the man lying ill on the ground after mistakenly putting the hose into the sewage, rather than the petrol tank of the motor home.

A misguided man in Monheim, Germany, had no licence and had been out on the tiles when his car broke down. The 31 year old went to call the breakdown service, but mistakenly called the police – resulting in the prompt appearance of officers to arrest him for his two-fold law breaking.

Speeding truck drivers in India caught out by police end up going nowhere fast. Police in the state of Bihar subject drivers to humiliating punishments rather than sending them to court; the most popular of which is make the speedsters hop like frogs. Police hope the half a kilometre hop while offenders hold their ears will be a good deterrent for those planning on committing the offence again.

A motorist out driving with her dog broke down in Addlestone, Surrey – a problem that was solved by her dog starting the car. A breakdown patrol man had arrived at the scene, and the woman explained that she had changed the battery in the electronic key fob but was still unable to start her car. Further discussion led to the realisation that the dog had eaten the immobiliser chip –the breakdown man put the dog in the front seat and then started the car with the key.


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