Who is Travel-Lists for?

Somebody has just asked me if I can describe who Travel-Lists is for.

Not so much the demographics of typical visitors, but what its purpose is.

Good question.

I have tried to put it succinctly on the site itself (here), but I can expand a little...

If you are a doctor, all your relatives, friends and acquaintances ask you if they should be concerned about the pain they have in their leg.

If you are a travel agent or, like me, a travel journalist (of some 19 years - just been counting!), all your relatives, friends and acquaintances tell you they are thinking about visiting Mongolia and do you have any tips/suggestions.

My usual response is "yes, actually there a few really good specialist companies arranging travel and operating tours in Mongolia. I'll email you a list of them."

Travel-Lists is all those lists.

So it is designed for friends.


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