Hotel company & Kids' TV get together

Sleepover Club
Drake & Josh **
Genie in the House
Ned's declassified School Survival Kit *
Zoey 101 *
Kenan & Kel
Naked Brothers Band
Genie in the House
H2O *
Sabrina the Teenage Witch *
My Parents are Aliens **

Do any of these names mean anything to you?

How about...

Spongebob Squarepants

Nothing? Good, well you can leave the room now and get on with your life.

For the rest of us - those who know only too well that these are all programmes on the kids tv channel, Nickelodeon - there's bad news on the way.

Marriott and Nickelodeon are launching Nickelodeon-themed hotels - a case where the sum of the two brands will probably weigh considerably less than their individual parts.

I like and respect Marriott. A very good hotel company. I certainly like and admire Nickelodeon. They broadcast some very good kids programmes (I've marked them with an asterisk, and the best with two). Having an 11 year old son I am VERY familiar with all their output!

But the idea of a 'Nick'-themed resort hotel is not appealing. We all know what it's about. Some corporate drones are attempting to "leverage the brands". (Ugh! How that 'L' word makes my skin crawl!). The result will be as lovely, individual, creative, natural and authentic as a Hard Rock Cafe or Disney shop.

If you recognised those names, the chances are your kid will have outgrown 'Nick' by the time they are built. But you have to feel sorry for the next generation of parents who might get caught up in it.


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