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Good news!

Back in the spring I approached the Hearst Digital group of online sites (actually I approached one of them, with an idea for a bi-media travel feature about a canal boating weekend. To their great credit they were keen to expand their content range and leapt at the idea, so Bernadette Fallon, the editor of (She magazine website) commissioned a 1,000-word article and accompanying 5-10min audio feature (mp3).

The text feature was published on the site in mid June but they had to wait for the IT guys to sort out a pop-up player for the audio clip, which has just arrived.

So, you can read the article and listen to the actuality here... Canal boat weekend.

I'm so pleased about this because I have been talking about how digital technology means print publishers can become enhanced multi-media publishers since 1998. The newspapers, led by the Guardian and followed by Times Online & the Telegraph, have been early adopters, but magazines have been much slower to recognise the opportunities.

Hearst Digital (who by a strange quirk of fate are located in the same building as my former employer, Classic FM) is keen to publish more multi-media material. It's now up to us multi-media journalists to start offering it.

Their sites are: | | | | | | | | | | | | |


Anonymous said…
hello - I do some work for and it's various sister sites at HD and I'm so glad you like the site. As for the multimedia side of things, I wanted to let you know that has just relaunched to make that sort of content much more central to the whole site. if you'd be inteested in a press relase just send me a contact address and I'll forward it, but in any case do go and check out the new site. Hope you like it. Kate

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