What a joke! BA passenger offers prize trip for the return of his bags

You know, even if you were the House of Borgia, you simply could not pay to have this degree of bad publicity heaped on your worst enemy!!!

What makes it truly pathetic is that..

1) British Airways bring on themselves

2) they deserve every bit of it.

What a complete national disgrace that airline is!!!

Anyway, on with the show......

This time a press release from somebody in the travel industry with a grudge against BA and the power to do something about it.

Find my bag - claim a prize

I am the Managing Director of European Rail Ltd, and BA don't
have a clue where my bag is, or seem to care.

The opening day of Terminal 5 was greeted with much fanfare as
the dawning of a new age of air travel from Heathrow. It was
also the day I was invited to a travel trade event in Aosta so
I was to fly to Milan. Our flight BA 576 was delayed while the
captain told us twice that our luggage was being loaded.

Unfortunately as some baggage handlers could not get into the
car park only a select few were reunited with their bags at Milan.
The rest of us had to queue up to 2 hours to report the loss of
our luggage.

I instructed my bag be sent on to the hotel, then on to my
holiday address in Switzerland and now to my UK address, but
still nobody knows.

So, I'll open the hunt to all comers. Find my bag and deliver
to my office and you'll get a free pair of standard class return
tickets on Eurostar to Paris. Closing date is this Friday at
5 pm, the BA reference is MXPBA25168. You can reach me at work
on 020 7619 1090 or mobile 07890 891681 or email

Media Contact:
Michael Birtles
Telephone: 020 7619 1090
Email: Michael@europeanrail.com


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