British Guild of Travel Writers new website

It's been a busy week

...made seriously more stressful on Tuesday evening when my Pro Tools digital audio editing computer died just as I was trying to finish a job, and not 24hrs after my friends at Webit PR - the social media news release specialists had just made me a business partner (making audio clips for their clients)!

( I took it apart and fixed it with a bit of open heart surgery. So now I'm feeling VERY smug!)

Anyway... That was not why the week was busy...

British Guild of Travel Writers websiteThe week was busy because we finally launched the BGTW's new website ( after years of planning and months of building. (Busy for me because I'm the webmaster. But made easier by the guys at Marbrow who did the programming!).

Monday & Tuesday were tied up in re-directing the nameservers from our old site to our new one, connecting up the e-commerce, and adding all the last bits of missing info, not to mention recording my thoughts for the press release...

Weds was the launch night at the trendy Ambassadors hotel in Bloomsbury (thanks guys for hosting it!) and the last two days have been hectic as it fills up with visitors and registered users logging on for the first time.

So... the normal routine of travel editing and blogging has taken a back seat. I'll need to catch up now.


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