PR speak - you've gotta love it!

I love this!

A press release from MSC Cruises....

MSC Cruises' UK & Ireland office has appointed Sarah Longbottom as Head of Public Relations, effective from 1 August.

Ms Longbottom has more than a decade of experience working in the travel industry, as editor of leading B2B publications TTG Middle East & North Africa, based in Cyprus and, most recently, Travel Weekly in the UK.

Commenting on her appointment, a newly created role in the company, Ms Longbottom said: "MSC Cruises is a dynamic company with a young fleet and big plans for further expansion.

"There is much untapped potential for cruising in the UK market and we anticipate a huge response to our new products and itineraries for next year".


How quickly they learn 'PR speak' when they change sides!

And how disappointingly quick to generate the bland quote.

She would never have written anything like that as a journalist.

At a tangent... there are a couple of things for Ms Longbottom to address when she starts work...

1) .pdf is not a suitable medium for press releases. Change it to Word docs.

2) make sure the website keeps up to date. This release is dated yesterday. I read it as a news story, and came to the MSC website hoping to source the original release. To my amazement, it was actually there. That is VERY rare. Most companies' website media pages are hopelessly out of date. They issue/distribute a release today but don't get around to posting on their website for weeks. Note to Ms Longbottom - keep up the good work!


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