Declaration of Intent

The story (perhaps "legend") goes that, faced with a number of 'declaration' questions on a, rather po-faced, visa/immigration form for entry into the United States, the comic songwriter, W S Gilbert, answered the question "Is it your intention to overthrow the government of the United States?" with "Sole purpose of visit". Apparently he got in anyway because they had no way of processing his answer! (Or maybe they had a sense of humour.)

I've just had the same thing.

I'm buying a new laptop for my son's xmas present (hope he doesn't read this!)...from Dell - an American company. So at the end of the online transaction I am asked to confirm, via a dropdown menu, the use my new laptop will be put to...


I'm telling you, I had to tie one hand behind my back and bite my knuckles to not select Nuclear Research & Manufacturing!


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