T-Mobile Internet Censors

It's not just the government who wants to censor the Internet (they already do, through their self-appointed and highly secretive quango, the Internet Watch Foundation)...

The day after Boxing Day we decided to drive up to Dartmoor for a walk and lunch in a pub at Widdecombe. 

"Do we know for sure that they do proper lunches?" someone asked. 

"I'll just check on their website" I said and Googled them, but when I clicked on their url I was met with 

'You are not authorised to view this site'


We were at my Mum's home for xmas, so I was using my laptop and a T-mobile pay-as-you-go 3G broadband modem.

It turns out that T-mobile take it upon themselves to censor all connections. I was not allowed to view a pub website because T-mobile don't know that I'm over 18 yrs old. 

In order to view the Rugglestone Inn  (excellent pub BTW!) I have to go down to my local T-mobile shop with my passport. 

Ho hum...sign of the times. 

And, unless we stop them, there's more Internet Censorship to come. 


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