Are Les Francais taking the piss?

They must be!

I know that if you are in a seasonal industry you have to 'make hay while the sun shines' so, for the Alpine resorts that means fleecing every skier for what they can get... but £210 - £245 (thru Ski Holiday Extras , Alpline or Skihoppa) for pre-booked private return transfers from Moutiers train station to Meribel (18kms/25 mins) is having a laugh!

Of course, the sensible thing to do is catch an Altibus for €12.50 a head...

Mais non!

Altibus schedules run every 30 mins or so, up to 15 mins before the Snowtrain arrives on a Sat morning ("bringing beaucoup des stinking Anglais zat we can rip off") then stops for three hours!

"Zut alors! Make them pay for private taxis!"

Cynical? Moi?


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