Kayak confuse British consumers with Kayak users

Oh, do me a favour!

Travel search engine, Kayak.co.uk, has published the results of its 2009 Travel Outlook Survey,which according to them, indicates...

  • that despite industry fears, the majority of Brits (85%) are still expecting to travel abroad this year.

  • that while high street travel agents have historically enjoyed being the first port of call for holidaymakers, this year cash-conscious Brits are swarming the Web in order to find the best possible deals. (Here is their headline result) Nearly every single respondent (92%) is planning to go online to find the best price for airfare, hotel and car rental, believing the best deals are found on the Web. Conversely, fewer than one percent of survey respondents (0.8%) will turn to high street travel agents for advice on stretching summer budgets.

NO! You think?

What kind of answers where they expecting from their sample of "over 1,000 kayak.co.uk users"? IE. 1,000 travel consumers already online and searching for prices!

Their survey wasn't all tosh though. Even with such a small niche sample there are a few semi-useful results...

  • Approximately three-quarters of Kayak users (73%) are planning to take two or less holidays this year. Staying in budget (32%) is a bigger concern than having fun (24%), getting their rocks off (2.2%) or protecting the environment (1.5%).

British Kayak users also say they are...

  • Choosing a destination in off-season to take advantage of lower prices (66%)

  • Swapping European strongholds like Spain for alternative destinations that provide more bang for the buck – such as South Africa, Iceland, Thailand and Malaysia (65%)

  • Staying with friends or relatives (46%)

  • Trading down the number of stars on the hotel (42%)

But they won't compromise on everything...

  • More than half (59.7%) of respondents would happily pay an additional £50 in order to catch a flight from their closest airport. 


Anonymous said…
110% of smart people totally ignore any percentage quoted on any press release...

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