Explore - great holidays, not so hot on the bags!

I took my big Explore bag to the Alps last week. It coped nicely with all the clothes & ski gear needed for both me and my boy (Joe, 13).

But when I got back to St-no-bloody-luggage-trolleys-Pancras and had to carry it the whole length of the Eurostar platform (394 m /431 yds according to wikipedia), plus the customs hall and half the terminal, to the taxi rank... I nearly earned the heart attack & pulled muscles that I'd managed to avoid for 7 days on the ski slopes!

Note to Explore's Branded Goods Manager: order bags with wheels next time!


Paul said…
Hi Onliner
What can we say - many many apologies, even though technically I think St Pancras should shoulder an equal portion of the blame. However, we'll put our hands up to this, an issue that has been mentioned to us before now. We are actually planning a wheeled version of the bag, but so far the addition of wheels seems to come at the expense of space, cost and weight, which are all also problems. Never fear though, we'll keep searching for a solution and hope to come up with a plan before long. I have found that dragging them works on shiny floors! As soon as we get the first wheeled version I'll make sure you're amongst the first to know.
Paul - PR & Sponsorship, Explore.

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