Phone back if you read this

Duh! I've done it again! is an independent online travel directory. It is not a travel agency.

So, there is no reason why anyone should phone for travel advice. But they do, sometimes, and I really don't mind (assuming I'm not too busy). 

These calls are pretty rare and they come out of the blue. Like today's. 

A woman phoned. She's going out to the far east for a break and while she's there, having a medical operation on her foot, which she has arranged independently. She's got medical insurance to cover the treatment at a clinic in Penang, Malaysia, but she wants travel insurance for the rest of the trip... which, of course she can't get without declaring her medical situation, and 99.9% of travel insurance companies simply don't have a tick box for that. (In 'Little Britain' voice: "computer say no"!)

Caught un-prepared, I gave her a few lame suggestions for agents that might be a bit more flexible, and that was that.

Of course, it got me thinking and 15 mins later I had identified two companies who specialise in exactly her situation.... but I have no idea who she is and 'last number recall'  doesn't work.

It's so frustrating, knowing I have the answer for her.

Note to self: I really, really must get their number next time I get one of those calls!


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