Business Travel Journalism Award...and an honorable mention

Gratz to fellow guildie, Stanley Slaughter - Editor, Air & Business Travel News (ABTN) - who has just won the 2009 Alan Fredericks Business Travel Journalism Award.

The award is given by the National Business Travel Association (NBTA) in America, and was awarded to Stanley for his "prolific and widespread coverage of the business travel industry, as well as his insightful commentary".

NBTA President & CEO, Kevin Maguire, said, “Stanley is an example of the finest in business travel industry journalism. He is incredibly prolific – often publishing three or fours stories a day. He is dedicated to both his craft and the industry he covers – as demonstrated by his travels throughout Europe and across the globe to gather the most pertinent stories. And he is insightful – delivering both news coverage and commentary that shed light on the most important industry topics.”

The NBTA Alan Fredericks Business Travel Journalism Award is awarded each year to recognize the important role of media in the business travel industry by honoring an outstanding travel journalist or editor whose work over the last 12-18 months has done the most to enlighten corporate travel professionals, the business community, and/or the general public about important topics is business travel, and has done so in a way that is generally beneficial for and supportive of the industry. 

Stanley is certainly a deserving recipient (and has form! Carlson Wagonlit Travel Business Travel Journalism Awards: Business Travel News Reporter of the Year, 2008; Best Writer on Air Transport, 2005; Best Writer on Short-Haul Business Travel, 2005; Best Writer on Rail, 2004; Best writer on Car Rental 2004;) ... but spare a thought also, and an 'honorable mention'  for Malcolm Ginsberg.

The "last 12-18 months" pretty much covers the period Stanley has been editor of ABTN, during which period it won 'Best Electronic Business Travel Publication 2008', but ABTN is a publication started from scratch around 2002 and developed entirely by Malcolm into one of the top online business travel news sources, to be desired and bought firstly by Centaur, then by Panacea.


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