Love me, Love my train

Something else, I can't see our guys doing...

Starting today, French Railways (SNCF) are throwing open their doors at over 200 locations on their rail network and allowing the public to wander in and see what they get up to 'behind the scenes'.

It's the 5th annual J'aime le train event and between now & the end of the week they are expecting a million members of the public to enjoy over 500 activities at 200 SNCF railway sites and 50 stations throughout France, as the railway workers who put over 14,000 trains on the tracks every day (unlesss they are on strike - couldn't resist that English perspective dig!) show off their depots and equipment.

Vistors will be able to "become a train driver at 320 km/h, a pointsman glued to your many screens, a technician with greasy hands in the maintenance shop, a station manager with your whistle, a ticket inspector we weren't expecting to see, or the Chairman of SNCF!"

Ok, it's maybe easier if you still have one national railway company, but if UK train operators want people to love them and their trains a bit more, maybe it's an idea they should consider too - a National Train Week.

What do you think?


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