Digital Photo Frames - What we need

digital photo frame
I've just had a 'genius' idea, so I'm going to smugly jot it down here, in order that everyone can see how 'genius' it is and how I got there first... unless someone else already has.

I've just been out on a fruitless shopping expedition, looking for a birthday present for my ancient mum.

It can't be a gadget because, not only has she never been good with technical things (the grandmotherly joys of email, Facebook, Skype, etc are denied her...and us), but also she is now developing alzheimers.

My sister bought her a digital photo frame last Christmas and that threw her a little. My sister has been switching it back on and adding images every time she visits, and I think now my mum is used to it and quite likes it.

So, here come the genius bit.

Why don't the digital frame manufacturers get together with the mobile phone networks and create a 'plug-in-and-forget' digital frame with a low end broadband modem and an extremely cheap, low-usage connection charge, so users (family, friends) can login to the frame and update it remotely.

It would be a perfect gift for someone like my mum. She wouldn't have to do anything, other than watch out for new photos (& video clips) appearing in her frame from her family (esp grandchildren) scattered all over the world.

It would want some good security to ensure that some shitty little script-kiddy in Eastern Europe doesn't post porn or spam on it, but other than that it should be pretty easy to design.

Addendum: Oh, and look what, by complete coincidence, I've just read.

According to industry research firm IDC, there are over 10 billion non-PC devices that connect to the Internet today and that number is expected to grow to almost 20 billion by 2014. Furthermore, these Internet connected devices often have little or no security built into them. Norton for Smart Devices brings Symantec embedded security and other services into non-PC internet connected media devices such as Blu-ray players, televisions and media streamers, smartphones, home security systems, digital cameras, picture frames and more. (Source: 28/05/10)


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