New generation websites and Google

Haven't posted for a few days because I've been focused on a makeover (long-overdue) for Travel-Lists.

One of my primary objectives is to use up-to-date coding - CSS2 and XML/XHTML. In particular I want to rebuild my lists as xml documents which are then transformed (using xslt stylesheets) for different platforms, eg. web, WAP mobile, xhtml mobiles, etc.

Everything was going fine until I discovered that Google are still living in the dark ages. I can't display my Google adverts, until I can perform a hack to make them work. It turns out that the javascript they use to deliver their Adsense ads uses 'document.write' and 'iframes', niether of which work in any strict xml enviroment.

See for a good description of what is going on.

Since content-driven advertising (Adsense) is Google's great moneyspinner, I keep wondering if their shareholders are aware that, as things stand, it won't work on modern websites! I'm also surprised more people aren't talking about it.

Meanwhile, I'm off now to have a look at how hacks around the adsense error...


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