Press Release Rule #5

It's the start of the week and straight-away I can award this week's Press Release Plonker prize... to Quality Villas (an otherwise excellent holiday villa company) who have today issued a release with their, David Sullivan, named as the contact person for further details.

Only when I phone up, he is "away all this week".

(see 'Golden Rules for Writing a Press Release' post below)

A pity because nobody else is aware that such a press release has been issued. It is about one of the villas in their portfolio becoming famous because it features in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and is being used as a key location in the film. Unfortunately, because the film company are occupying it most of this year, there is little or no availability, so QV tell me it has been withdrawn from their portfolio, and may not return!

Not much point in sending out the press release then, was there!!


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