Roar: Lions of the Kalahari

Went to see a preview of a new National Geographic film on saturday, at the IMAX cinema in the Science Museum in London.

Roar: Lions of the Kalahari is a Tim Leversedge production shot in giant Imax format around a waterhole on the edge of the Kalahari desert. It follows a small pride of lions over the course of a year and a challenge to the throne from a young male lion. The image and sound quality is amazing when viewed on a screen taller than four double decker buses with a 1200-watt sound system. Tim Leversedge himself was there and talked about the difficult editorial judgments to make about what to film and what not to film when a three-minute roll of imax film can cost several thousand pounds!

For me the highlight, among many, was the moment an elder lioness showed her younger inexperienced sister how to hunt. As the crowds of animals drinking at the waterhole scatter in blind panic she catches a leaping springbok in mid-air with such explosive ferocity it knocks the wind out of everyone watching!

If you are stuck in the UK suffering from safari-withdrawal syndrome, go and see it.

It is showing at the Science Museum from 15 June. There's also an amazing 3D movie, Wild Safari 3D: a South African Adventure showing from 20 May, which literally sits in the back of a open 4-WD safari truck as it drives through various parks in South Africa watching rhino, giraffes, lions, leopard, elephants and others.

Am I plugging these two movies? Yes. I really enjoyed them and so did my nine-year-old son. So I have no prob with that!

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