Disneyland Paris - Do try to keep up

Press release just in...

"Disneyland Resort Paris is to celebrate the opening of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, a new fun-filled and interactive attraction inspired by the Walt Disney Pictures presentation of the Pixar Animations Studios film Toy Story 2 the ride that's been in Florida and, with a special money saving offer for guests visiting between 20th April and 20th July 2006." ...etc etc

What? The Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin ride that opened in Florida in 1998 based on the film Toy Story 2 that was released in 1999... only with a new name?

Bang up to date then!

I know DP has been struggling and maybe this is a cheap way to introduce pre-tested rides, but accompanying this press release is another about the launch of The legend of the Yeti ride in Florida.

Kids are not stupid. They know what's new and what's cool. There's a real chance that they'll disengage from their 'local' Disney park if they feel they are being fobbed off with a brand that's nearly ten years old (a lifetime to a ten year old!) while all the new stuff opens in Florida.

A Madagascar-based attraction in 2006 would have been a good 'half-way house'. But Buzz Lightyear simply doesn't cut it... at least until Toy Story III opens in 2008, by which time there'll be a new ride.


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